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Workshop explores the challenges of recycling in today’s ‘throw-away’ society.

Students from Madani Girls School took a day out of their normal lessons last week to work with University academics in a day of workshops designed to consider the environmental and social challenges of electronic products in today’s ‘throw-away’ society.

The day was part of a series of outreach events designed to engage interest, especially of girls, in STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths.

LEBC have been working with the CLEVER team, a group of academics from Loughborough University and the Universities of Bath, Newcastle, Surrey, Oxford and Cardiff to help design the content of the day.

Dr Debra Lilley from Loughborough University said: “The day was fantastic and it was great to involve the students in the challenge of designing more sustainable products and services.”

You can read the full report of the day on the Loughborough University website by clicking here.

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