STEM Ambassadors

Covering Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, and Rutland

STEM Ambassadors volunteer their time and support to promote STEM subjects to young learners in a vast range of original, creative, practical and engaging ways.

In the East Midlands Hub there are approximately 1800 brilliant and inspiring volunteers helping to support the STEM curriculum and raise awareness of STEM careers, by revealing how essential STEM is throughout the world.

STEM Ambassadors cross all ages and backgrounds, representing a vast spectrum of different employers across the UK.  Our Ambassadors include apprentices, zoologists, set designers, climate change scientists, engineers, farmers, geologists, nuclear physicists and architects.  They help open the doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities which come from pursuing STEM subjects and careers.  They not only inspire young people; they also support teachers in the classroom by explaining current applications of STEM in industry or research.

Whether you are an employer, teacher, community or youth group leader, or currently volunteer as a STEM Ambassador, we can support you.


Please get in touch to find out how we can help you inspire young people or to find out more about motivating young people by becoming a STEM Ambassador

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