Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Careers Events
NCS Action Day –- Got Your Back-Pack - 17th March 2018
NHS Careers Event
RAF Careers Event
NHS Careers Event
Nuffield Research Placements
3M Bespoke Work Experience Programme
DAF Apprenticeship Programme - Thursday 18th May 2017
NHS Careers & Apprenticeships Event Tuesday 30th May 2017
Pick Everard Women in Engineering Day - Thursday 22nd June 2017
NHS Careers Event - 25th April 2017
LOROS Work Experience Opportunity
Summer NCS 2016
NCS Youth Board in Leicestershire
Jobs Fair
Big Bang Fair - Eastern Event
Big Bang Fair - East Midlands Event
STEM Conference for Year 12 students - Free - Apply Now
Widening Students Horizons
Public Lectures - Physics: Mars rover Curiosity at Gale Crater
STEM Festival in Hampshire
FAO: Year 11 and 12 students - Meet the Secret NHS Scientists
Big Bang Fair 2013
LEBC Schools Fashion Show - Not to be missed!
Hands Free & Hands On!!
ProMoat Yourself!
Chemistry in Action - A Level Afternoon
Employability Fair
Mock Interviews December 2012
Medilink BioEducation Lab - Teacher Open Evening
The Chocolate Challenge
Practical Work in Physics - Teacher CPD
Healthcare Science Week Talks
Forensics and Court Out!
BBC World Class programme - Science Debate
Choice Unlimited
Engineering in Motion
Chemistry Teachers Network
Your Career Highlights
Skills Show - Schools Info
Skills Show 2012 - Call for Speakers
National Space Academy Showcase Evening
Planet Leicester November 2012
Imagineering Fair
Teen Tech Event - In Coventry this Autumn
IOP - Teacher Network - Annual Conference
Behind the Scenes at Melton Foods
World of Work Conference September 2012
Let's Cook on the Farm!
Maths in Action - Assemblies
Clinical Psychology - An International Career - Talks Availiable
World of Work Conference
STEM Career Insights
Stairway to Success
6th Formers - Management Challenge Day
Careers Guidance - an amazing CPD opportunity!
Rolls Royce Materials Masterclass for KS4&5 teachers
Wonderful Water - CREST Award in a Day Challenge July 2012
Wonderful Water - CREST Award in a Day Challenge
Enterprise Morning
STEM TeachMeet - for STEM club leaders
FAO: Teachers - Farming in Action - Free CPD
Getting Students Ready for Work
Games Britannia - Schools Videogames Festival
The Big Bang-East Midlands Event
STEM in the Commonwealth
Design and Technology Week 2012
Mock Interviews June 2012
STEM Connections - A networking event for teachers and STEM Ambassadors
For year 12 Students - G-STEM conference at Leicester University
FAO: Teachers - Farming the World
Eruptions, Bubbles and Expensive Jewels
Teacher CPD - Promoting STEM Careers in your Classroom
FREE Careers Event for Secondary Teachers
Planet Leicester May 2012
Maths Masterclasses - North Leicestershire and South Derbyshire
Maths Masterclasses - Leicester City and South Leicestershire
Engineering in Action
STEM Career Interrogation!
Charity Challenge Day - Moat iv' Aid
Hands on STEM Activities for Teachers and STEM Ambassadors
Wider Horizons April 2012
Family Fun Day with a STEM Workshop
Employability Awareness Fair and Speed Networking
Do you run a STEM Club?
Schools Fashion Show - 10th Year Anniversary
K'Nex Grand Prix Challenge
Forensic Science Workshop
Enterprise Day
Design Engineering - Activities for teachers and STEM Ambassadors
Chemsitry in Action for 6th Formers - FREE event
National Science & Engineering Week - Calling all STEM Ambassadors!
Planet Leicester March 2012
Employability Awareness Fair February 2012
FAO: Science Teachers: Physics Events for Key Stage 3 and 4 students
Calling all STEM Ambassadors - Active Physics
Calling all STEM Ambassadors - Be a Judge at the Go4SET Assessment Day
FAO: Food Technology & Careers Teachers
Employability Awareness Fair
Teacher Placement Opportunity at Leicester Magistrates' Court
FAO: Chemistry Teachers and A Level Students
Maths in the House
My World Community Cohesion Day
Planet Leicester January 2012
Wider Horizons January 2012
Fun Maths Roadshow
Mock Interviews
FAO: Business Volunteers who use Maths
FAO: Maths Teachers
Planet Leicester
STEM Challenge Day
Open Evening at Kirby
Healthcare Science Week
Teacher Placement Opportunity at Cott Beverages
Making Opportunities
Nuffield Bursary Celebration
Teacher Briefing and Tour at Caterpillar UK
Ashfield Music Festival
CREST in a Day - Wonderful Water
CREST in a Day - Happy Hearts
Teacher Placement - Justice at work
Enterprise & STEM - World @ One
Teacher Placement - Forensics At Work
Big Bang Regional Fair
Enterprise - English At Work
Primary Enterprise - Key Stage 1 (4 to 7 years old) Enterprise Days
Teacher Placement - Constructing a Future
Primary Enterprise - What's My Job?
STEM - Discovering Caring Careers
STEM - Financial Literacy Sessions
Enterprise - You're Hired - Transition Event
Primary Enterpise - Key Stage 2 (7 to 11 years old) Enterprise Days
Teacher Placement - Precision In Engineering
STEM - CREST in a day - Wonderful Water
Teacher Placement - Pathology IT Services
STEM - CREST in a day - Curry Challenge
Enterprise - Planet Leicester
Primary Enterprise - Planet Leicester
Enterprise - Enterprise Me
Primary Enterprise - K' Nex Grand Prix Challenge
Teacher Placement - Medical Physics in Healthcare
Primary Enterprise - Me & My Senses Workshops
LEBC's Schools Fashion Show
Teacher Placement - Engineering Success
Enterprise - It's Not Just Doctors And Nurses!
Enterprise - World of Work WOW!
Enterprise - CREST in a Day
Primary Enterprise - Forensic Science Workshop
Enterprise - Food for Thought
Lions Lair
Enterprise Employability Awareness Fair
Enterprise Employability Awareness Fair February 2011
Enterprise Wider Horizons
Wider Horizons
Training Managing behaviour in the classroom January 2011
Training Mentoring to raise achievement January 2011
Training PLTS in lesson plans January 2011
Training Successful Leadership through coaching for schools/colleges
Enterprise Mock Interviews
Training - Managing People Effectively December 2010
Training PLTS in lesson plans
Training - Employers supporting students in the workplace December 2010
TPP Innovation in health care with 3M
Training Successful Leadership through Coaching for Business
Training Employers supporting students in the workplace
Training-Managing behaviour in the classroom
Training Mentoring to raise achievement
Training Employers supporting students in the workplace
Training-Presentation and Delivery Skills in Business
TPP-Technology at Work
Training-Mentoring to raise achievement
Young Apprenticeship Programme Young Apprenticeship Enterprise Conference
Training Managing behaviour in the classroom
Training - Managing People Effectively
TPP - Managing Energy
TPP Creating Experiences