BBC World Class programme - Science Debate

In your Schools
Thu 22nd November 2012, 11:00am til 1:00pm

The BBC sets a question and puts up some relevant video, and school students email in their comments during a two-hour time window.

The comments are moderated and published on a live feed for other schools to read and comment on. The aim is to uncover what students think on these topics, hopefully with some degree of frankness, and to encourage them to enter into conversation with others from around the world (via their teachers).

On the 22nd November, they are hosting a debate on Science – Perceptions and Ambitions.

The website is here:

The debate runs from 11am – 1pm GMT.

Teachers may be interested in signing up their classes to participate,

Remember you could invite a local STEM Ambassador to visit your class during or before the debate in order to facilitate the discussion with students.

By way of an example, a previous debate (not on STEM) can be seen here: Note a video plays automatically at the link.

BBC World Class programme - Science Debate

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