Clinical Psychology - An International Career - Talks Availiable

At your school
Thu 20th September 2012 (8:30am) - Fri 21st September 2012 (3:30pm)

This is a one off, unique opportunity to have a highly regarded expert in the field of Clinical Psychology to visit your school.

This is ideal for classes of Psychology and Health and Social Care students.

Aimed at boys and students with a BME backgrounds, the talk is aimed at inspiring them to think about a career as a Clinical Psychologist.

A description of the speakers available can be found on the flyer by clicking here.

The talk will highlight:

  • What the job entails
  • How they got there
  • What they really enjoy about their work
  • Answering questions from your students

This opporunity is only available on the 20th or 21st September 2012.

During September, the University of Leicester is hosting these internatinal Clinical Pshychologists and as part of their time in Leicester, they have offered to visit local schools and colleges to promote their careers and encourage your students to consider it too.

For more information please contact:
Danielle Wright
Email: [email protected]
Call (0116) 240 7000

Clinical Psychology - An International Career - Talks Availiable

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