Enterprise - Food for Thought

Roundhill Community College
Mon 14th March 2011, 8:30am til 3:30pm

During Food for Thought students will explore the variety of Leicester’s food and culture as part of an enrichment day supported by guests from the local community.

Students begin the day by guessing each guests culture in ‘What’s My Line?’ style. Guests then share cultural information with the class including differences and similarities with the students’ own lifestyles. Student participation is essential; this is a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop their Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.

Following morning break students will take part in Food Workshop experiences where they will explore making and tasting a range of foods from other cultures whilst learning more about the history of the foods through culture.

All students will take part in a Year Group celebration during the last session of the day. This provides an opportunity for students to network with and learn from their peers, guests and teachers.

If you would like to get involved in this event, or for more information, please contact Sally Hollier on 0116 240 7000 or email for further details.

Enterprise - Food for Thought

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