Enterprise - It's Not Just Doctors And Nurses!

Roundhill Community College
Thu 17th March 2011, 8:30am til 3:30pm

Year 9 students will take part in and experience a number of talks and workshops relating to careers in the health care sector.

An initial introduction to the day in the classroom is quickly followed up with an advice and guidance session on personal hygiene.

This is followed by a Year Group talk from the fantastic Professor of Biomedical Science, Paul Whiting. Paul’s talk entitled ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ is a whirlwind experience of the vast range of careers available in the industry. Paul’s personal experience of the sector is clearly evident and the students will love the range of images / slides he uses to support his talk.

Following morning break and through to the end of the school day each class will take part in four practical and engaging workshops focusing on the following aspects of careers in healthcare:

• Body Parts – Medical Instrumentation
• It’s a Pain – Pain Medication
• Physiotherapy
• Prosthesis

If you would like to get involved in this event, or would like more information, please contact Sally Hollier on 0116 240 7000 or email for further details.

Enterprise - It's Not Just Doctors And Nurses!

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