Enterprise & STEM - World @ One

De Lisle Catholic School
Fri 1st July 2011, 8:30am til 3:45pm

World @ One is a whole school day aimed at creating opportunities for students to take ownership of their environment and foster a sense of belonging to a diverse community which accepts and embraces everyone within it. Each student is encouraged to demonstrate Enterprise capabilities whilst contributing to the overall objective of community cohesion. The whole day is supported by volunteers from the world of work.

Each year will take part in a different activity:

  • Yr7 De Lisle Family

Students work in teams drawing on their own experiences to design and produce a toolkit for the new intake of year 6 students to help them to settle in to school and support smooth transition.

  • Yr 8 Plan, Produce, Present

Half the year will explore the three R’s: ‘Recycle Reuse and Resale’ to present Eco Couture, designing and showcasing outfits from recyclable materials. The other half will make and sell a range of curries demonstrating effective planning, marketing and cooking skills through Curry Creation. Who will generate the most profit to give to charity?

  • Yr 9 Have a Voice, Make the Choice!

Students become Political Parties, creating policies, choosing a party leader, canvassing, taking part in a live debate and voting. Who will be elected to be the Prime Minister of De Lisle?

  • Yr 10 Lions Lair

Students are given a detailed brief where they are challenged with organising their prom. Teams will present their idea to a group of Lions at the end of the day, who will choose a winning team. This team’s ideas will be then be made real and they will organise their prom in Year 11.

  • Yr 12 Make a Difference

Students form an Events Committee; a Media group providing coverage of the events of the day producing a school newspaper; become Retail Managers running shops selling resources for the activities in year 7 & 8; Motivators, supporting the teachers and business volunteers in facilitating the activities and ‘Hosts with the Most’ for the participating business representatives. All participating year 12’s receive a reference post event as evidence to use in UCAS personal statements. All references are validated by participating employers.

If you would like to volunteer for this event please contact Sam White on 0116 240 7000 or email.

Enterprise & STEM - World @ One

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