Enterprise - You're Hired - Transition Event

Fullhurst Community College
Wed 15th June 2011, 8:30am til 3:15pm

Feeder primary schools have been invited to Fullhurst Community College to take part in ‘You’re Hired’, an exciting day giving pupils a taste of running their own business and an opportunity to experience the college.

With the help of business volunteers and Year 7/8 students, primary school pupils will form their own businesses, adopting the different roles required to manufacture a range of educational games. The day, based on the idea of ‘The Apprentice’ will start with an assembly and a presentation by a games manufacturer. The children will then form their companies, taking on the role of accountant, designer, sales etc and produce a prototype. The day will conclude with an assembly and the winning designs being presented by the children to the rest of the group.

This activity will be covered by Yr 7/8 students from Fullhurst Community College acting as a media team, hosts and motivators.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event or would like to find out further information then please contact Jon Robinson on 0116 240 7000 or email.

Enterprise - You're Hired - Transition Event

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