FAO: Science Teachers: Physics Events for Key Stage 3 and 4 students

National Space Centre
Tue 21st February 2012 (9:00am) - Fri 24th February 2012 (5:00pm)

For one week only the National Space Centre, in association with the Institute of Physics, are offering your class the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops from our region’s leading educational institutions.

We are celebrating the launch of the Airkix Indoor Skydiving Physics lessons developed by our education specialists at the National Space Centre with a very special week of Physics Fun!

Not only will you have access to the UK’s largest visitor attraction dedicated to space, as well as a viewing of one of the award winning planetarium shows; you will also experience first hand some of the fun and exciting fields to which an education in physics can lead you.

All workshops are fun, interactive and delivered in a suitable manner for key stage 3-4 groups by leading industry professionals. However, places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

Tuesday 21st Feb
Our Magnetic World

In this stimulating workshop you will learn just how attractive (or repulsive) our world can be. How can we use magnets to our advantage? What strange machines can we build harnessing this force? Find out for yourself in this workshop with a panel discussion involving Physics experts, designed to encourage critical thinking, discussion skills and group learning.

Tuesday 21st Feb
Music Technology

How do you listen to music? What affects the quality of your listening experience? How can sound be 3D? All these questions and more will be answered in this unusual hands-on workshop delivered by an expert in his field.

Wednesday 22nd Feb
Motors and Magnets

How can we use a magnet to make things move? How can we generate electricity from movement? Ever wanted to power your iPod from a bike? In this hands-on workshop students will have access to kit and knowledge enabling experiments with magnets and motors, learning about how they work and their uses in the real world.

Wednesday 22nd Feb
Light and Sight

How can we see things? What is a wave? How can we use ‘invisible’ light to find out more about our planet, or even our universe? This workshop will show you how. With access to unique equipment you will find out why light is so important to us all.

Thursday 23rd Feb
Earth Observation

Is our planet really under threat? How can we monitor the situation? How does space and physics allow us to potentially save the world? And what can you do about it? In this hands-on workshop you will be able to test some of the theories behind climate change, and view specialist equipment in action that lets us ‘see’ what our eyes normally can not.

Thursday 23rd Feb
Physics and Engineering

Put your practical knowledge and understanding to the test in this hands-on workshop. Combining the study and testing of different materials with some first hand learning about electricity and circuits, lenses light and the night sky, this workshop will give students the opportunity to construct objects of use. They will gain an insight into the physics and engineering which make their lives so much easier.

Friday 24th Feb
Physics In Forensics

How does physics contribute to crime solving? What ‘tricks’ can be used to catch a criminal? In this exciting workshop students have the opportunity to use real cases and see how the physics they learn in school is applied in real life forensics. With some amazing demos and hands-on activities this is a workshop not to be missed!
NB: This workshop is 2 hours long and can accommodate up to 40 students

For more information you can view the flyer by clicking here.

To book a visit for this event please contact Sophie Allan on [email protected]

FAO: Science Teachers: Physics Events for Key Stage 3 and 4 students

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