Games Britannia - Schools Videogames Festival

MAGNA Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham
Mon 2nd July 2012 (9:00am) - Fri 6th July 2012

This event aims to inspire students and teachers to consider what the Gaming industry has to offer.

Games Britannia is part of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s annual Children’s Festival.

Staged at the awe-inspiring MAGNA Science Adventure Centre – the former monolithic steel mills at Templeborough in Rotherham, minutes from Junction 34 of the M1 motorway.

What’s happening?

  • 5 days of hands-on interactive and inspiring workshops and lectures from leading figures in education and industry.
  • Full workshop schedule – from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5.
  • A fully engaged curriculum – Coding/Programmer/Computer Science, Art, Maths, Physics, English, Drama.
  • 750+ workshop places and 2000+ activity places – applications encouraged from schools across the country.
  • 250 CPD opportunities for teachers and educators to develop existing and new digital skills taking game creation back into the classroom.
  • Industry-lead careers surgeries, vital advice and guidance for schools and young people.

To view a pdf of the workshops available please click here.

To view a pdf giving you support on planning you visit click here.

Places are available NATIONALLY to all schools, colleges and further education establishments. Make sure you get involved!

Please register your interest by completing the registration form by clicking here.

Games Britannia - Schools Videogames Festival

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