IOP - Teacher Network - Annual Conference

Sir Jonathan North School, Leicester LE2 6FU
Sat 29th September 2012, 9:30am til 3:15pm

For teachers and support staff of Physics at key stages 3, 4, and 5. The day will include a series of workshops to supoprt you in teaching Physics from Cloud Chambers to Van de Graaff use.

You could be a non-specialist or relatively new to teaching (no in-depth subject knowledge is needed), everyone is welcome.

You can choose to attend three of the following workshops:

  • Cloud Chambers Make and Take
    Making an abstract concept into something concrete is a useful tool for those teaching physics. Cloud chambers allow students to see the paths that ionising radiation has travelled. In this workshop you get to make and take away a cloud chamber big enough for a group of students to see into. KS 4,5
  • Particle Physics (and having fun with solid CO2)
    Particle physics and radioactivity resources, and how to make good use of solid CO2 KS4,5
  • Shocked and Stunned – Van de Graaff Generator revealed
    A workshop for all those who wish to learn to love – and spell – their Van de Graaff generator. How it works, and how to use it safely and productively. KS3,4,5
  • Now you see it… now you don’t
    A new take on the Electromagnetic Spectrum with 3D imaging, interesting practicals with ultraviolet and infrared, extending to bioluminescence. KS4
  • KS3 – Physics ideas 1 : de-light and sound
  • KS3 Physics ideas 2 : starters to stretch
  • KS3 Physics ideas 3 : starters to engage

To view the full itinerary and booking form click here.

For more information please contact:
Natasha Plaister
Teacher Network
The Institute of Physics

Email: [email protected]
Direct tel: 020 7470 4965

IOP - Teacher Network - Annual Conference

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