Maths in Action - Assemblies

Welland Park Academy, Market Harborough
Fri 21st September 2012, 8:30am til 11:30am

Does your job involve the use of maths?

We are looking one or two STEM Ambassadors who can talk positively about the use of maths for approx 20 minutes. The aim of the assembly is to give students an insight into how maths is an important part of everyday working life.

Students: Year 9 (aged 13).
Approx 240 students, split into 2 groups in an assembly format.

Ideally we would like an Ambassador who uses simple aspects of Algebra, as this is an aspect of maths where students struggle to see the applications to their everyday lives. Ideally your job will be a less obvious link to the use of maths, (ie. not accounting or finance related).

The assembly will have 120 students of all abilities in and will last an hour:

  • 10 minute introduction to the assembly (including time to get the students into the theatre and settled)
  • 20 minute talk from the first STEM Ambassador
  • 20 minute talk from the second STEM Ambassador
  • 10 min Questions from the students

The assembly will be repeated twice, with half the year group (120 students) in the first session, a break of 20 minutes, then a repeat of the assembly to the other half of the year group.

Elements to include in your talk:

  • How maths is used in your job, on a daily or weekly basis.
  • What applications this has to everyday life.
  • How important getting a pass in maths GCSE is, to then being able to study subjects like Engineering at University (we have a slide that highlights the variety of Uni courses that ask for a grade C or above in Maths as entry criteria).
  • What you like about Maths.

If you use powerpoint slides then pictures of you at work would be great to set the scene and show students the environment you work in.

We can support in creating powerpoint slides, printing pictures and guidance on what to include in your talk.

To volunteer for this event please contact:
Rachael Clarke
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (0116) 240 7000

Ps. If you are interested but this date doesn’t suit you then please let us know, the school are keen to make this a termly event, having three a year.

Maths in Action - Assemblies

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