STEM - Financial Literacy Sessions

English Martyrs Catholic School
Thu 16th June 2011 (8:00am) - Fri 17th June 2011 (12:00pm)

Year 9 students (13 to 14 years) will take part in the sessions where teachers introduce a range of activities designed to enable students to explore various aspects of personal finance.

Students will work in a classroom setting and initially be introduced to their business volunteer by attempting to guess their job role by asking closed questions. Volunteers will then have the opportunity to talk about their current job role and career and study history; the aim to widen horizons and raise aspirations. Activities will then include: Money and banking; accessing money; types of bank and services; protecting your money / scams and security; shopping around; budgeting; mobile phone contracts and credit. All activities are based on group discussion and feedback and use a variety of resources including match card activities, promotional material, spreadsheets and video clips.

Input from business volunteers is the key to the success of this event. Knowledgeable volunteers working alongside class teachers provide young people with the real life connections needed to place theory into a useful context. Only in this way can young people feel fully equipped to deal with the very real and potentially risky situations that life can offer.

If you would like to volunteer or receive further information, please contact Phil Clooney at LEBC on 0116 240 7000 or email.

STEM - Financial Literacy Sessions

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