STEM in the Commonwealth

Heathfield High School, Earl Shilton
Thu 28th June 2012, 8:30am til 3:15pm

Could you relate your STEM experiences to the Commonwealth?

Heathfield High School, Earl Shilton

Date: Thursday 28th June 2012
Time: 8.30am to 3.15pm
Students: Year 9 (age 13 to 14)

There are three themes to the day:

  • Malaria - Do you have experience of studying or working in the areas of prevention, treatment or diagnosis of Malaria? The school are looking for a STEM Ambassador to help with a student discussion on this important global issue?

  • Tea and Fruit Tasting - Do you have experience of the science behind how we taste things and why some nations are able to stomach foods that others can’t?

  • Company Logos – Does you organisation have an international brand? Could you talk to students about how this is created and sustained across different countries?

Other themes that the day will include are:

  • Agriculture: Vertical farming

  • Science and Biomedical: Nanomedicines, Ultra High Definition Television

  • Displays: 3D and Holographic displays

  • Electronics and Energy: Biofuels

  • IT and Communication: Speech recognition

  • Manufacturing: Claytronics

  • Robotics: Powered exoskeletons

  • Transport: Jet packs, Space Elevator


Your input will be part of a day based on the theme of the Commonwealth for a whole year group.

For more information please contact Rachael Clarke:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0116 240 7000

STEM in the Commonwealth

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