Teacher Placement Opportunity at Cott Beverages

Cott Beverages, Kegworth.
Thu 8th September 2011 - Thu 10th November 2011 (12:00pm)

Thursday 10th November 2011

Ideal for teachers of Engineering, Design and Technology and Food Technology this Teacher Placement gives you the opportunity to see manufacturing and production lines in action.

Enhance your lessons with examples of Cott’s processes and procedures and develop your professional knowledge of how your subject relates to local business and careers.

By relating lesson content to the world outside the classroom, students often find it easier to grasp and understand the theories. This event will provide a wealth of opportunities for you to:

  • professional knowledge on the use of your subject in a work setting.
  • Gain an insight into the employment options within this sector.
  • Take back inspiration to enhance the curriculum in this area.
  • To make links with local business.


To find out more and access the booking form please click here to view the flyer, or call (0116) 240 7000.

Teacher Placement Opportunity at Cott Beverages

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