Case Study Bushra

My Experience of NCS

My name is Bushra Jalil and last year, as I had finished my GCSE’s at The City of Leicester College, I decided to say take the plunge and say YES to NCS. I’m currently studying A Levels in English Literature, History, French and Politics at the Sixth Form and the experience and skills learnt during my time at NCS have proved invaluable in enhancing my journey at college.

I remember when NCS was introduced to my year group during an enthusiastic assembly and despite usually being reluctant to even meet new people, let alone spend two weeks of residential with them as well as two weeks of social action, NCS felt unique. I knew that it was an already popular and successful programme and so didn’t want to miss out. I signed up, despite being nervous and not knowing what to expect and didn’t think of it until the day came to pack my bags and begin my journey. The coach took off, and my entire outlook on my role as a young person in society was about to change.


The memories of NCS are still vivid to me; I remember the first week especially clear. It involved team building through activities such as abseiling, indoor caving and I will never forget raft building where I fell up to my waist in cold, murky water (which I of course laughed off!) This week definitely not only improved my ability to work with others more effectively but was simply so much fun!  The teamwork skills and positive mindset gained here certainly built up vital assets for the next weeks of self-development and social action!

Since my graduation from NCS in October, I have taken opportunities without reluctance and have gradually felt more and more willing to pass on my experience to the next generation of NCSers which is why I chose to become a Graduate Ambassador for the programme. People have since commented on how independent and even more confident I’ve become in making my own decisions and taking chances.


NCS has opened my eyes to just how important it is for young people to get involved with the society we live in as we’re often underrepresented, as well as giving me a clearer vision on all the opportunities that are out there in volunteering, social action and getting our voices heard through things like the NCS Youth Board, as we are the future.

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Case Study Bushra

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