Case Study Harrison

My Experience of NCS

Hi I’m Harrison and I attend Leicester Grammar School.  The week before NCS started I was very excited, I was on the final wave of the summer holidays, and my friends from earlier waves had told me what a good experience it was. However as it came closer, and the day before NCS came about, I began to feel quite nervous to meet so many new people.

My best memory of my time at NCS would be the first day at the residential. Although I was nervous prior to arriving, the moment I got there and was met with my group, I no longer felt nervous, and felt like I already knew the people in my group for long time rather than a few hours – it was then that I knew I was going to have a good time.

For my groups Social Action Project, we painted and redesigned Oadby Youth Centre, a youth centre that needed to be redesigned and repainted somewhat desperately.  We were donated some paints by local shops, and began working most days for hours and hours repainting the youth centre, however it did not feel like hours as we were having a good time simultaneously and the feeling of doing something actively to support an institute like a youth centre felt amazing.

My parents thought doing NCS would be a very good idea, mainly for the purpose of my CV and a chance to make new friends, much like I did.  However, neither my parents nor I knew it would help me with confidence and that I would enjoy it as much as I did.

NCS has helped me progress in my school career and as I come to interviews for university and jobs.  My confidence when speaking to people or in front of people has grown greatly and I am still in contact with the friends I made at NCS. Overall it has made me a more confident and well-rounded person and I would recommend it to all.

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Case Study Harrison

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