Iona's Work Experience Placement at LEBC

These past two months within Leicestershire Education Business Company were amazing! Nobody can imagine how much I have learnt. I have gained so many skills like independence in my work as well as in daily life and confidence. I have definitely improved my English Comprehension and expression. LEBC is a fantastic company, helping young people to develop skills and be prepared for working life.  With the amazing people who work there and devote all their energy to their work. This placement has enabled me to understand what I really want to do in my life. People there have helped me to understand how important being happy at work is. Everybody should be entitled to study and do something they love.

I am ready now to go to University and leave my family to study what I like.

I believe deeply I had the best placement ever!

Thank you for everything LEBC!


Iona's Work Experience Placement at LEBC

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